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Your Path to Success in Canada 🇨🇦 

👋 How are you spending the summer? Team Canada plays the COPA America soccer semi-finals tonight and Ontario is offering free access to all Provincial parks next week!

In today’s edition we’ve got:

  • how to use data to optimize your job search

  • how to build a winning resume in just a week

  • the smartest ways to enjoy hot days of July

  • more job postings! 🔥

    -Anastasia and Anna

🎩 Data-driven job search

In our last edition we shared some job search statistics conducted by career services and placement agencies around North America. Today, we will share practical tips on how to take advantage of this knowledge, to get better results, faster.

The median amount of time between the first application and the offer is ~44 days.

  • Job search can take long. Plan your transition well ahead. We usually recommend candidates to start exploring opportunities and meeting new people 3 months before the desired job change.

  • If you’re currently unemployed, prioritize joining industry-specific communities and networking groups.

It takes on average 4 to 15 days to hear back from the company after applying

  • The sooner you apply after the job posting goes up, the higher the chance you will get a response sooner. Don’t wait too long before applying, and set up new job posting alerts to react fast.

It takes at least 7 strategic and tailored applications to get one interview.

  • Don’t waste your time mass applying to every job you find. Build a list of companies and roles you’re most excited about, tailor your resume, reach out to the hiring team personally and write a compelling motivation letter.

It can take up to 6 first-round interviews before candidate scores the job offer.

  • Not every interview is meant to be a success. Consider interviews as practice before you can practice enough to shine when you land an interview for your dream role.

  • Sometimes it’s just a matter of meeting the right “vibe” and being a natural “culture” fit for you and the team.

Q4 is the worst time to look for jobs - landing a first interview and an offer takes the longest, because - holidays

  • Summer time and end of the year, are popular for vacations, so job search typically slows down. Optimize your job search for starting to look in February and August.

🏆️ Want to stand out among applicants?

Most of us aren’t taught personal presentation or job search skill in school, but it’s the most important skill you can learn for a successful life.

Building an outstanding resume is fundamental to not just successfully getting interviews, but also articulating your value on the job market. We want to help you get there, so we’ve come up with a challenge!

Join our a 7 day resume building challenge! We are assembling a group of job seekers who will work on developing their professional profile and resume using our step-by-step guides and templates.

  • articulate your strengths

  • find your superpowers and achievements

  • build your personal pitch

  • get personalized feedback on your profile

  • network with other professionals

Want to join?


 🚘️ Canada has become a car theft capital of the world (BBC)

 🧑‍🎓 University of Toronto has become #1 university in Canada, 17 in the world (UToronto)

⚽️ Canada’s soccer team plays in semi-finals. Go Canada! (SportingNews)

😢 A recent survey shows that 1 in 4 Canadians live in poverty (Youtube)

🏖️ Enjoy life

5 things to do this summer in Greater Toronto:

Heat waves are hitting Toronto one by one, so it’s time to sip delicious cocktails with your friends on Toronto’s hotel rooftop patios with a gorgeous view:

  • Kōst⁠ (44th floor of the Bisha Hotel, 80 Blue Jays Way)

  • Terroni Price (1095 Yonge St.)

  • Harriet's⁠ (at 1 Hotel, 550 Wellington St W Suite C)

  • Gusto⁠ 101 (101 Portland St)

  • The Broadview Hotel’s rooftop (106 Broadview Ave)

🛶 Summers are meant to be spent outside. Hit the water and explore with one of the many paddle tours offered around Toronto: Humber River Paddle Tour, Oceah Oceah , Harbourfront Canoe & Kayak Centre

🩴 Get out of the hot glass and concrete jungle! Take a 2-hour drive to Wasaga Beach which covers 14 kilometers of Georgian Bay Sandy Shoreline.

🏅 If you have kids - Nike offers multiple sports summer camps across Canada, including many GTA spots. It’s a great way to practice your soccer or basketball skills and make new friends

🎨 If it’s raining - everyone’s favourite KAWS has his exhibition at AGO until August 5

🍰 Money bits

☕️ Do you hate tipping with all your soul? You’re not alone! Canadians are tipping 25% less and it’s ok

👟 Need a new pair of headphones, TV or a laptop? Best Buy has a Summer Black Friday Electronics sale.

🦫 Need a new shirt or shorts? Frank & Oak has a 50% summer sale

🛍️ Amazon is launching Home Security Sales before the Prime Day - get 60% off some Home Security cameras and doorbells. Keep your home safe!

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💼 Job Highlights

📍Cloudflare, a global cloud platform providing a wide range of networking services, has 10+ roles open in Software Development and Sales. Most roles are open in Ontario, with a few positions open for Alberta, BC, QC.

📍Opentext, a global enterprise AI provider, has a few HR, Accounting, Sales and a cybersecurity position open.

📍Sanctuary AI, a BC based AI-humanoid robot company, has recently raised a round of funding and opened 20+ positions across Applied AI Research, Hardware, Project Management, QA, Sales and more.

📍Vetster 🐶 , one of the fastest growing online veterinary services built in Canada, has several roles open in Software Development, as well as Customer Experience and Design.

📍 Miller Knoll, a furniture design company, with multiple subsidiaries around the world is hiring of Manufacturing, Electromechanics, HR and Sales.

📍 Ausenco, one of Canada’s largest engineering consultancy firms, has 20+ positions open in Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineering, Construction, and Project Management.

📍 Therefore Interactive, a web development agency specializing in building solutions for Canadian companies, based out of Toronto, has 2 positions in Design and 1 in development.

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