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Booming sectors and the hidden job market

Canada is heavily investing in EV and Semiconductor industry..

Your Path to Success in Canada 🇨🇦 

Dominant majority of our subscribers are convinced Edmonton Oilers will be the most successful Canadian team in the Playoffs. Let’s see how far they come!

Our take: Based on the last few games, we know it will sadly not be Maple Leafs. Let’s cheer for Edmonton then!

In today’s edition we’ve got:

  • April 30th is the tax deadline. Don’t miss it!

  • Tapping into the hidden job market

  • Canada’s big moves in automotive and semiconductor industry

  • Job postings!

    -Anastasia and Anna


 🚗 Canada’s continuing making large strides in the automotive supply chain sector. Honda announced a $15B investment to build its first electric vehicle supply chain in Ontario. Honda facility in Alliston already employs 4,200 people and the new investment is meant to create an additional 1,000 jobs by 2028.

Opportunity: If you can work in the Automotive industry and want a lower cost of living, the Orangeville- Shelbourne-Aurora-Barrie quadrant could be great towns to settle in. (CBC)

🇨🇦 The federal and Quebec governments have announced a $100 million funding to boost national manufacturing for semiconductors. $60 million will go to funding IBM Canada’s semiconductor packaging facility to create 280 jobs in Bromont, QC.(BNN)

Opportunity: more jobs, further away from the big cities ++ bonus perks of a ski resort and proximity to the US border.

🔨 Canada’s productivity keeps on dropping. A recent report states that GDP per capita has dropped 7% below the projected trend line. This means that despite a rapidly growing population, each unit of population (person) is producing less and less. It could be lower wages, less hours worked to blame or simply the amount of effort each worker puts in at work. (StatsCan)

Opportunity: we do not promote toxic productivity, but employers are hungry for productive workers. This means that working a little harder, taking initiative or taking up extra hours could help you grow your paycheque and your career.

⛑️ Shortage of trades people is partially responsible for inflation. For instance, getting a dishwasher repair now costs double than just 4 years ago simply because there are not enough specialists doing these jobs.(CBC)

Opportunity: trades is among top 3 pathways for immigration in Canada. Trades people are making above average income, have higher chances of getting a work permit + many provinces are willing to pay for your foreign credential recognition.

🎩 Career Tips

All job postings in Canada can be divided into two categories:

  • Advertised jobs

  • Unadvertised jobs.

Advertised jobs are what we’re all familiar with: they’re on job search sites, companies’ websites, recruitment agencies’ websites, newspapers, entrances to shops and cafes (e.g. Help Wanted). There is 99% chance that you start your search here.

The most popular websites to look for a job in Canada are:

  • indeed.ca

  • LinkedIn

  • Jobbank.ca

  • monster.ca

Advertised jobs is the tip of the iceberg - obvious, but far not all the jobs that are out there. The best jobs are unadvertised jobs.

Unadvertised jobs is what we call the hidden job market and require networking. Unadvertised jobs will not be posted online, but you will hear about them from people you know.

For example, my (Anastasia’s) company was hiring a designer and a developer for a new project I’m leading at work. We never put the job postings up and I personally reached out to my network asking if anyone was interested or knew someone they like. That’s how I ended up hiring both the designer and a developer in just under 3 weeks. Both were people I’ve worked with before.

Why was this approach better than advertising the job?

Statistically, 90% of applications you get from advertised jobs are irrelevant or unqualified. Screening resumes and interviewing dozens of candidates is a time consuming process - and you never know whether or not you will end up finding the candidate you want and can trust. That is why many employers hire without even advertising a job. That is why it is crucial to grow your network in order to increase you chances of success.

According to statistics, 80% of job market in Canada is unadvertised.

Competition is lower on the hidden job market, since every individual’s personal network is more limited than the flood of resume applications for any given advertised job.

Even thought it’s not easy, you have to tap into hidden job market.

Networking is your main instrument.

Use LinkedIn, professional communities, Facebook groups, in-person events, most importantly - your social skills. Don’t be shy to reach out to strangers online or walk to someone in a networking event and say “hi”.

You can build meaningful connections and a personal reputation by sharing the industry insights, discussing issues faced by your industry, and projects you’ve worked on. Don’t hesitate to ask for stranger’s opinions and advice. When the time is right, just a brief interaction from the past can grow into a referral or an unpublicized job invite.

Networking is a complex topic and will be further uncovered in the next Career Deck e-mail, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can enroll in a free job search course we created that covers 8 job search aspects in 8 emails over 4 weeks. Start the course»

🍰 Timbits

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  • What you need to know about the new Pharmacare plan (CBC)

  • Uber finally launched ride-sharing in Newfoundland and Labrador (Uber)

  • Ontario is facing a teacher’s shortage (why kids get more A’s)

  • Salmon lovers may pay up to $30/kg soon (here’s why)

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 💵 Deep Dive

April 30th is the Personal Tax Deadline!

Filing your taxes late when you have a refund will not result in any penalties. However, if you owe money and file late, the CRA charges you a penalty of 5% plus an additional percent for each month late up to 12 months. With that, a $1,000 amount due could cost you at least $50 if you file your tax after April 30th. Don’t delay!

If you want to file by yourself, make sure to check out our step-by-step video on how to do it via Wealthsimple.

Don’t forget to account for all possible personal tax deductions that are applicable to you. You can visit Canada’s official website for a full list of deductions you can qualify for.

Some of the most common personal deductions include:

  • tuition tax credit, if you are studying

  • student loan interest

  • qualifying medical expenses, assuming you have receipts

  • Canada Child Benefit & child expenses depending on your income

  • moving expenses, if you moved for work or school

  • RRSP contribution deduction

Using Wealthsimple to file tax is easy and, mostly, free, however, if you don’t feel confident in the process, we always recommend to hire a certified accountant to help you with the filing. A reasonable cost to expect is around $100-150 at most, but honestly, you likely can do it yourself, if you don’t run a business or have investment properties.

In our next email, we will share some tips on how to make the best out of your Tax Refund. Stay tuned!

Have you filed your tax return yet?

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💼 Job Highlights

📍Descartes System Group, a software logistics company out of Waterloo has several job postings in software, technical consultancy, tax and customs.

📍Vidyard, a video messaging software platform has recently got a $15M invesetment boost, and is hiring across development, sales and marketing.

📍Carbon Engineering, a clean CO2 energy company based out of BC is hiring for engineers, technicians, Carbon Analyst, Operations Supervisor, Plant Operator.

📍CSL Ships, one of Canada’s largest cargo ship operators is hiring for 18 roles in various technical crew shipping operations roles.

📍 Viterra, a global agriculture network headquartered in Regina, SK is hiring for various Facility Operations roles in Saskatchewan, Ontario, BC and Quebec.

Which industries do you want to see more job postings for? Respond to this email to let us know.

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