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Canada invests in AI and is missing accountants

Technology and finance are top careers, and here are the words you should use.

Your Path to Success in Canada 🇨🇦 

Last week, our subscribers unanimously (83%) voted for Canada’s National Parks as the best reason to visit Canada. We cannot agree more! If you’re planning to visit Canadian National Parks, plan in advance:

  • arrive early in the morning to secure a parking spot

  • plan your trip several months ahead. Camping spots get booked up fast.

In today’s edition we’ve got:

  • Words you should avoid on your resume

  • Amazing news for engineers from South America

  • Canada’s focus on AI

    -Anastasia and Anna


ATTENTION Software Engineers from Chile, Mexico, Peru and Colombia. 🇨🇱🇲🇽🇵🇪🇨🇴

Canadian Engineering Office has big news! You can move to Canada within 1-2 months and keep your current employer due to the Free Trade Agreements your countries have with Canada. More info to follow soon!

🇨🇦 Trudeau unveiled a $2.4 billion investment to enhance Canada’s leadership in AI. This budget aims to accelerate job growth, increase productivity, and ensure responsible AI development.

  • $2 billion to enhance computing infrastructure for AI research and industry.

  • $200 million to support AI startups and adoption in sectors like health and agriculture.

  • $100 million in the AI Assist Program to help SMEs scale using AI.

  • $5.1 million to strengthen AI regulation with the Office of the AI and Data Commissioner.

These initiatives are set to create more high-paying jobs, improve economic growth, and make Canada a global leader in Artificial Intelligence. So if you have experience or interest in AI, Canada is a fantastic place to build your career in! (Press Release)

🤖 Canadian banking sector is already leading the charge in AI. 3 out of top 6 Canadian banks have topped the global lists in AI research for banking: RBC, TD, BMO. Banks are using AI to detect fraud, authentificate customers and help customers analyze and improve their spending habits. (Globe and Mail)

🏛️ Canada is in no rush to drop the interest rates. This comes after the US inflation numbers came in higher than expected this week; nevertheless, Bank of Canada plans to begin its rate cuts as soon as this summer. Keeping an eye on the US economy is important to decide when to do rate cuts, if done wrong, the CAD would get devalued against USD. ( Moo Finance)

🏥 Canada is dealing with a shortage of accountants. Not many young and numbers-savvy students are choosing accounting careers - it’s perceived as boring and underpaid. Could this be an opportunity for math savvy international students and newcomers?

🎩 Career Tips

Words matter, especially when it’s the first thing your prospective employer sees. In your quest for authenticity and differentiation, it's crucial to avoid overused and generic terms. These terms may dilute the impact you make and put you in the “rejected” pile.

Here are some words to avoid when describing yourself professionally:

  • Hardworking:

  • Ambitious

  • Team player

  • Detail-oriented

  • Creative

  • Strategic thinker

  • Responsible

  • Expert

  • Passionate

Most of these qualifying words are assumed you have by default. Every employer wants to hire hardworking and detail-oriented professionals. Using these words will not make you stand out - it will just make you like the other 90% of candidates.

Instead of relying on these clichés and buzzwords, focus on providing specific examples, achievements, and qualities that demonstrate these traits effectively. By showcasing concrete evidence of our skills and abilities, you can create a stronger and more memorable image.

For a full list of words to avoid and what to do instead, check this article we’ve put together for you (Words to avoid on your resume)


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💼 Job Highlights

📍Peak Power, Canada’s clean energy software solutions provider is hiring for a number of business development and business analytics roles in Toronto.

📍Vention, Canada’s manufacturing and robotics automation company based out of Montreal is hiring for a range of software and business development roles.

📍Armour, an award-winning transportation and logistics company based in Atlantic Canada is hiring for numerous truck drivers, mechanics and dock management positions.

📍There are over 600 engineering jobs currently open in Ontario ranging from structural, to electrical, to civil and environmental. Check out this portal for all engineering jobs available

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