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How Canada's controversial Federal Budget affects jobs

Breaking down the most impactful federal initiatives and sharing how to stand out in the job market

Your Path to Success in Canada 🇨🇦 

Half of our subscriber votes believe that AI will make our lives easier, another half is unsure and cautious of AI.

Our take: AI will remove the most boring, monotonous and uncreative jobs first. It will help make our jobs faster and more interesting. According to McKinsey Global Institute, AI will actually create more jobs than it will destroy - up to 50 Million Jobs Globally by 2030.

In today’s edition we’ve got:

  • The only rule you should use to describe your work experience

  • Summarizing a 400-page long controversial Federal budget 2024

  • The best year in Canada’s tourism history

  • Job postings!

    -Anastasia and Anna


🇨🇦 Wayve, a Microsoft-backed AI self-driving startup is expanding to Vancouver. (BNN)

🧳 Canada is celebrating the National Tourism Week this week. Tourism fuels 1 in 10 jobs created nationwide. Before the pandemic, in 2019, Canada had a record year bringing over 22 million tourists. If you’re passionate about Tourism and want to explore career paths in this sector check this website out: Discover Tourism.

🏒 HUGE news for the Canadian Hockey! 4 out of 7 Canadian hockey teams made it into NHL playoffs. Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks and Winnipeg Jets will compete with 12 American teams for the Stanley Cup - vote below in this email who you’re rooting for! (Schedule)

🏀 Sadly, Toronto Raptors did not make it to NBA Playoffs.

🥇 The largest Gold Heist case in Canadian history has been resolved. $20 million worth of gold bars was stolen from the Pearson airport back in 2023 and it took just about a year to track the criminals down. This heist wouldn’t have been possible without Air Canada employees and the airline’s poor security measures. (This is also the world’s 6th largest gold heist)

👷 RBC, Canadian’s largest bank has completed acquisition of Canada’s 7th largest bank HSBC. RBC says it is an important move to help it position itself on the global market. Canadian oligopolies at its best (Transition)

💵 Canadian federal budget 2024 was released this week with a ton of announcements impacting our everyday lives in Housing, Healthcare, Taxes and more. Keep on reading to see more details in the Deep Dive. »

🎩 Career Tips

Being able to explain your experience in a precise and concise way is critical in showing what you can do. This comes truly handy when you’re building your resume, filling out your LinkedIn profile, or are simply asked “Tell me about yourself”.

Using "Achieved X by doing Y as measured by Z" framework can significantly enhance your professional profile.

Achieved X: This part focuses on the specific outcome or result you accomplished. It quantifies your achievements and demonstrates tangible impact. Employers are interested in what you have achieved, not just your job responsibilities.

By doing Y: Describe the actions you took or the strategies you implemented to achieve the result. This adds context and shows how you used your skills and expertise to accomplish the goal. It's essential because it shows how you work.

As measured by Z: This part provides concrete metrics or indicators that quantify the achievement. It could be numbers, percentages, timeframes, or any measurable data. This is crucial because it adds credibility and allows employers to understand the scale and significance of your accomplishment.

For example, instead of saying "Improved sales" or “Responsible for managing relationships” you could use the framework like this:

Increased sales revenue by 30% by implementing targeted email marketing campaigns.

Reduced operating costs by $50,000 annually by optimizing supply chain processes.

Implemented quality control measures that reduced defects by 50%, resulting in improved product quality as measured by quality assurance reports.

For more ideas of bullet points for different professions, check out this article:


🧤 Top 25 Canadian employers (LinkedIn List)

🌊 Hidden rivers flowing underneath Canada (Whaat?)

⚒️ Fixed-rate mortgages are up, despite promises of rates coming down (Why)

☀️ Alberta is worried about draught and imposes water limits (News)

💰️ How much tax wealthy Canadians pay (Not much)

Deep Dive

Federal Budget 2024 was released by the government this week. It’s a 400-page document on what changes Canadians should expect. We’ve read the whole document and highlighted the things that will impact the day-to-day lives of Canadians.


🏠️ Standardized leases and more rental price transparency reinforced by law. This will help protect renters from unfair landlord practices.

🏠️ 30-year old mortgage is introduced. This is up from a standard 25-year mortgage. In reality, it only saves you 200-400 bucks in monthly payments, but increases your interest paid by a lot more. Not worth it.

🏘️ Increased RRSP Home Buyers' Plan withdrawal limit from 35,000 to 60,000, commitment to build 3.87 million new homes by 2031 & low-interest loans to build a “guest house” in your backyard.

🏢 Stricter rules for short-term rentals - AirBnb landlords will lose tax advantages, making AirBnB’s less lucrative, hoping it will encourage longer-term rentals.

Family & Wellness 

🥑 Expanded National School Food program to help lower income families save up to $800 on food annually.

🧒 $10 daycare rollout nationwide by 2025 (currently only 8 provinces have it)

🧑‍🎓 Student loan forgiveness for rural educators and healthcare professionals - in hopes to drive more population to rural areas.

🪙 Removal of interest on student loans, helping students save up to $600 annual, delay of loan repayment until you make at least $42,000 annual

🦷 Public dental plan rollout, to help seniors, children and low income families cover dental expenses. Groundbreaking, given how expensive dental care is!

🚭️ Increased taxes on tobacco and vaping. Smoking is getting more expensive and helping the government make more money


🔨 Increased funding for skilled trades apprenticeships, to help fill in labour shortages, since 200,000 skilled trades professionals are projected to retire by 2030. Best time to go into trades is now, if you can handle labour.

📃 Recognition of foreign credentials in construction and healthcare, provinces are piloting programs to speed up newcomer transition into workforce, and pledges to partially cover expenses associated with licensing.

🤖 Nearly $2 billion investment in AI industry, projecting to create 60,000+ jobs in AI.

🧑‍🏭 Establishment of a Right to Disconnect policy for federally regulated industries, making it borderline illegal for the employer to make you work afterhours.


🥕 Focus on stabilizing grocery prices by enhancing competition and reducing costs for farmers to produce food. Plan on HOW it will be done is unclear.

💊 Launch of National Pharmacare program covering contraceptives and diabetes medications.

🤳 Promise of cheaper internet and phone plans, unclear how.


👵 Enhancing Canada Pension Plan benefits by up to 50%, increasing Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors.

Source: Canada.ca

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💼 Job Highlights

📍Wayve, an autonomous driving startup from the Silicon valley, is opening up a new research facility in Vancouver and hiring for several Machine Learning Positions.

📍MLSE, the corporation that owns Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors and pretty much every sports team in Toronto, has several job postings in hospitality & labour, as well as looking for security guards and customer reps.

📍HOOP, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan, a company responsible for managing Pension for Ontario’s healthcare workers is hiring for 17 positions, mostly for business and financial analysts.

📍Info-Tech, one of Canada’s largest IT research groups, has 10 fully remote roles open in marketing, Salesforce dev, and analytics.

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